Protection des données

Information to the user as regards the existence of a file and consent request for automated treatment of data of a personal nature.
As regards the data of a personal nature facilitated by the USER to ELINSA, our company strictly complies with the legislation in this regards established by Act 15/1999 on Protection of Data of a Personal Nature and other legislation which develops and enlarges on it. ELINSA informs the CUSTOMER that the data in question will be incorporated into a file for automated treatment, provided that the CUSTOMER grants consent by simply accepting these general conditions as regards said treatment.

Purpose of Data

ELINSA collects certain personal data which is freely provided to our company with the sole purpose of managing the different services and to answer and identify Customer’s requests. Therefore, we need to know who the customer is in order to address their needs. ELINSA informs that it will manage information in an automated manner for administration, enlargement and improvement of services as well as for technical and business purposes as regards the products and services offered by this company. In any case, the data collected and treated by ELINSA will only be basic data, and will only be used for the previously mentioned purposes.

Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition Rights
Our CUSTOMERS have the right to exercise their access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights at any time by request via mail to: ELECTROTECNICA INDUSTRIAL Y NAVAL S.L., Zona Industrial de La Grela s/n, La Coruña, attaching to their request a copy of the NIF (Taxpayer´s number) form of the data holder. In any case, ELINSA commits to delete any personal data collected which is no longer necessary or significant for the purpose for which it had been collected.

Responsible for Data Treatment
The responsibility of data treatment is of ELECTROTECNICA INDUSTRIAL Y NAVAL S.L., with the business address at: Zona Industrial de la Grela s/n La Coruña. ELINSA has duly registered its files with the Data Protection Agency, with registration codes XXXXXXXX, which can be consulted at the Data Protection Agency.

Disclosure of Data
Disclosure of data to third parties is not allowed. ELINSA only uses the data for the purposes described in clause 5.2 and will not disclose any data to any other company. ELINSA informs its CUSTOMERS that by adhering to these general conditions, they provide consent for the necessary communication of their data for the purposes of services provision, communications in this regards, and in view of the free and legitimate acceptance of the legal relationship between the CUSTOMER and ELINSA, whose development, compliance and control implies the necessary communication of this data.


ELINSA ensures the absolute confidentially and privacy of all the personal data collected and therefore adopts all security measures with the sole purpose of preventing the amendment, loss, treatment or non-authorized access to said data and guarantees its integrity and security. Nevertheless, ELINSA will not be responsible for any incident which may arise around personal data in the following case: A non-authorized attack or access to the system, in such a way that it is impossible to detect or prevent, even if the existing most developed measures had been implemented.

Truthfulness of the Information Provided

The CUSTOMER is responsible for the truthfulness of the data provided, committing to not providing false information and to proceeding to the rectification of information, if necessary. ELINSA provides the CUSTOMER with all means to proceed to the modification of any data provided.