Manufacturing of electrical equipment and power electronics

For many years now, ELINSA has become a point of reference as regards the manufacturing of electrical switchboards and power electronics on a national and international level.

The electrical switchboard and power electronics factory (GALLERY) has become a point of reference in the manufacturing of switchboards for the navy (REFERENCES) and other industrial sectors: train industry, water plants, cogeneration plants and also energy sector (REFERENCES): photovoltaic inverters, wind plants and other next-generation power electronics applications. 

Technical Office

At the technical office, the engineering and manufacturing designs are prepared as well as any necessary technical documentation. The technical advice provided to the customer enables the offer of the best solutions in a customized manner, contributing to a greater performance of processes and an easy return on investment.

  1. Design of customized electrical equipment and electronics, in keeping with the customer’s functional needs.
  2. Industrialization of electrical equipment and electronics.
  3. Design of singular metallic terminal boxes for special applications.
  4. Automation of industrial processes.


ELINSA´s electrical assembly factory has an annexed facility for production of metallic casings. All the manufacturing processes of the electrical equipment and power electronics take place there: the manufacturing of the customized terminal boxes, the incorporation of parts and switchgear, the wiring to them and the final tests for factory acceptance.

The factory has been certified in keeping with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

All equipment manufactured is accompanied by detailed technical documentation, including the electrical diagram as per the EN 60617 and EN 61346 standards, mechanical diagrams, equipment photography, software and all types of certifications and documentation on the testing of products, according to customer’s requirements.

Electrical assembly factory

It boasts an area of 2,500m2. Parts, components, and wiring are integrated here. This is the place where products for the most demanding and innovative sectors are manufactured, such as for the defence, renewable energies or industrial sectors in general.

Metallic Casings Factory

This has an area of 700m2. Self-manufacturing enables the making of specific boards according to project specifications with a singular design equipment, treatment and/or painting. ELINSA´s flexibility and high quality of production help to serve the most demanding sectors. The factory has:

  1. Machines with a numeric control system for the manufacturing of the different mechanical parts.
  2. Powdered paint train to paint and/or provide any type of treatment to pieces.
  3. Widely experienced staff for the assembling and manufacturing of customized metallic terminal boxes.
  4. Preparation of jobs in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.