ELINSA is a company dedicated to the carrying out and maintenance of electrical installations and to the design and manufacturing of electrical switchboards and power electronics.

ELINSA carries out turnkey electrical installations of the high, medium and low voltage kind and automates processes according to customer’s requirements

ELINSA carries out electrical and electro-mechanical maintenance work at different industrial, renewable energy and naval facilities.


ELINSA has a 40-year-long experience in the manufacturing of electrical switchboards and power electronics for one of the most demanding sectors in the industry as regards quality and reliability standards: the navy.


There is a long list of references for both the wind energy and the solar energy fields, for electrical/ electromechanical installations and for maintenance purposes, and for the manufacturing of electrical equipment and power electronics.


As far as the industrial sector is concerned, we have widely experienced technical staff working in the different fields of projects, installation of boards or their manufacturing